Meet siberian huskies

Now is the chance to meet almost 100 siberian huskies. These wild looking arctic dogs are friendly and social mates to meet and to pet. During the guided kennel tour, you will be told stories about life style and history of these harsh dogs. Coffee and cake is served in a Lappish “kota” house or on sunny terrace.

Duration: 1-1,5 hours
Date: 25.6.– 27.9.2013
Departure date: Tuesday – Friday:
tour starts at 10.30
Price: 15 €/ adult, 7,5 €/ under 12 years old

For groups according to agreement!

An idyllic evening

Come with your friends and enjoy a three-course dinner by an open fire. Our three traditional Lappish kammi houses make an idyllic setting to spend an evening, and there is even space for large groups.

Lappish restaurant

Harsh and long winter has made life hard for the man in North. Huskies the arctic dogs have been there to help the man to survive thru his cold and windy journeys. Long nights with mid night sun in summer has brought up hope for the man riding his humble and strong horse over the sunny fells of northern taiga and by the golden rivers of Lapland.”

Follow food steps of this hunter man, feel the spirit of Northern life, taste the best of the nature and enjoy unforgettable atmosphere in Lappish KOTA – house. All meals are prepared from pure Lappish and Finnish natural products.

Menu proposals for the evening:

menu 1
creamy vegetable soup
bred and spread
smoked salmon fish from own traditional smoke oven
dill potatoes and vegetables
scrambled eggs
lemon yogurt sauce
coffee or tea with sweet

menu 2
creamy salmon soup
bread and spread
reindeer stew
mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam
coffee or tea with sweet

After the dinner night will continue with guided kennel tour. Guests will get deep into the interesting world of arctic sled dogs and the history of Nordic adventures.

Please, ask an offer for your group.